Cllr John Howard


 I have lived in Hampton Vale since 2012. I love living in Hampton, we have so many local amenities, and the green spaces     and stunning lakes, which come in handy for my marathon training. I have raised a lot of money for charity with my running over  the years.


I have always been politically interested, and I am passionate about the local area. I was keen to be more involved and help the local community, and begun attending the Parish Council meetings. There is a great mix of people on the council, and regardless of political preferences, everybody works together for the benefit of Hampton. I was honoured to be co-opted onto the Parish Council in November 2017, so it's been a very good year as I recently married too.


It's hard to believe Hampton marked it's 20th Anniversary in 2017, I can still recall coming on a school trip to London Brick, never did I imagine it would become the thriving community it is today. In my time here, there has been some incredible progress made within Hampton, and the expansion has brought challenges, but I am looking forward to helping continue the work the Parish Council is doing to make The Hamptons a better place to live and work for everybody.


I would encourage residents with any suggestions or feedback about The Hampton Parish to please get in touch with us. Better still, come along and meet us at the monthly council meetings.


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